Camera Care in Winters

I will be travelling abroad in the winter season. Is it safe to carry and use my camera in the extreme snowcapped regions? - Manoj Krishnan, Chennai

Whether a camera will work in cold weather or not will depend on what model your camera is, how well it is constructed and what physical condition it is in. When shooting in cold weather, avoid condensation at all costs.

After shooting outdoors in the cold, remove the memory card and batteries from the camera and seal the camera in an air-tight plastic bag. Open the bag indoors only after the camera has come down to the room temperature. If snow happens to fall on the camera, gently brush it off. Rubbing the snow harshly will melt the snow which can enter in small parts of the camera.

Change lenses indoors and only when the temperature of the camera has gradually come down to room temperature. Moreover, in low temperatures, batteries lose efficiency. Carry extra batteries and store them inside your winter coat where they can be kept warm. If you will be photographing in a blizzard, a weather sealed housing is the safest bet you can try for the camera.