Do I have total freedom?

As an architectural enthusiast, I know that not every building is fair game. The errorism Act of 2000 restricts us from taking photographs in public places in London. Do stock agencies have similar restrictions when it comes to buildings and even other potential subjects like products and vehicles? - Benjamin Hooker

There are restrictions when it comes to licensing photographs of certain subjects. Stock agencies usually come with their own guidelines and one of the best that we’ve come across is the iStock Technical Wiki, available at This details everything from architecture and artwork, to people and products.

Some information won’t surprise you. The Eiffel Tower illuminations are famously copyrighted and the London Eye Millennium Wheel is not suitable as royalty-free – but did you know that some furniture might be subject to trademark as well? If you’re planning a studio shoot, it’s probably best to use generic furnishings as opposed to branded.

Other restricted products include the photogenic Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts and the iconic I heart NY logo. As you mentioned, there are also some vehicles that are not acceptable as royalty-free images too. These vehicles include the London Underground and property of the Eurostar, but this list is by no means conclusive so it’s wise to take a look online to get clued up before shooting any images.