Experiment with temperature

Create brilliant colour effects without the need for editing

One of the most effective ways of capturing stunning portraits outdoors is to find a way to separate your subject from their surroundings in a way that looks artistic and visually interesting.

Colour temperature provides you with another excellent means of doing this, and there are a number of different approaches that you can take to achieve this and they are not especially complicated or time-consuming to perform in-camera.

First of all, you can try setting your camera’s white balance to a deliberately cold Kelvin setting, around 3000K. This will give the image a cool blue colour cast, but you can then place a CTO (colour temperature orange) gel or filter over the flash so that your subject appears warmer than their surroundings. Another approach is to place blue filters over the flash unit and use this as a background light, either aimed towards the back of your model or projecting it onto a wall behind them.