Portrait with bumpy skin

The original image is beautiful however the model has very bumpy skin. We at Portrait101 could fix it.


Portrait with pores

We wanted to smooth out the pores on the skin in this portrait. We also wanted to enhance the model’s eyes and mouth to make them stand out more and give her a much more glamorous look.


Portrait enhancement

Here is a beautiful face but the portrait is a little dull! Portrait enhancement can help a lot!

Portrait with skin and face and hair enhancement

In this portrait, the subject’s skin, face shape and hair have been altered. It can happen that you may not want to change the face shape to this degree, especially if the picture was for the sitter. However, you can see that we can change the proportions of the features and still retain the subject’s identity.


Portrait with enhanced hair

In the original portrait, despite being lively with lots of pattern and color, the lady’s hair and skin look a little dull. So in the enhanced image we have livened the subject up!


Portrait with enhanced skin and shape of the face

For this portrait we improved the shape of the model’s face, as well as the quality of their skin to make them look younger. Furthermore, we still wanted to preserve the lighting of the image and also corrected the skin tones to render a more natural look.


Portrait of an older subject

With older subjects it’s very important to take a measured approach or they are liable to look too blurry!