Go yearbook style

Get the 1980s American look with modern tech

Looking for a creative new way of taking fun portraits? Robbie Augspurger took inspiration from the Go yearbook style with your portraitsstyle of classic US high school yearbooks from the 1980s, plus cheesy portrait photography from the decade where style went to die. His retro portrait project Glamour & Headshots started in 2009 when Robbie and friend Coin Tile started messing around with an old lighting kit and a Canon EOS 5D. Robbie loved the ‘over lit’ look he got from the lighting kit, then made the portraits appear even more retro in Lightroom.

“I’ve had a few technical things to overcome, mainly related to the 30-year-old light kit,” he says.

“Its power supply and head units have no controls on them, so they’re full-power all the time. To control the brightness of the strobes, I sometimes need throw white fabric over the lights to reduce the power, or move the lights back from the subject.”

Get started today…

  • Try desaturating the colours in software to add a vintage patina.
  • The right outfits and props are essential too – note how Robbie has sourced vintage clothes and naff studio clobber like Grecian pillars and lurid backdrops. Cheesy poses finish the effect