Michelle’s top portrait tips

1. Develop a relationship with who you are photographing. If you don’t win their ‘trust’ early on you will not be able to engage with them and will not capture their personalities truthfully.

2. Communicate; you need to be a people person and this is a skill which can easily be developed if you’re not naturally confident around children or do not consider yourself to be outgoing.

3. Use a reputable framing company and have sales samples at hand – seeing is believing. There is no way a client will spend £750 plus on wall art unless they can visualise how theirs will look in
their home.

4. Be professional: yes you are an artist but you are also a customer services director and a trusted vendor commissioned by your client to deliver. You need to win their respect as a business professional so that they’ll trust your artistic judgement.

5. Be led by the light you are given on the day of the shoot. Then compose your image and get as much right in camera as you can.

6. Have a theme for the day or a narrative for the children to follow – it makes it more interesting for you and gives the models a sense of purpose.

7. Get inspired! You need to make time for your own creative visions – set up a styled shoot for yourself and get out there and push your creative boundaries. My goal is to schedule in four styled shoots a year to recharge my own creativity and to remind myself why I first fell in love with taking pictures.

8. Create a positive and memorable experience for your client that is on-brand with your business and your core values as a photographer.