Portrait with some enhancement

Here we have gently refined the facial proportions, smoothed and brightened the skin, features and hair!


Portrait with bumpy skin

Here the subject in the original image has slightly bumpy and pasty looking skin. Some portrait enhancement can make magic!


Portrait with some complexion and face refinement

This portrait needed very little done to it but the model’s complexion could do with a little refining. We also refined the proportions of her face a little.

Portrait with a slimmed face

In this example the subject’s face has been slimmed quite a lot. However she is still easily recognisable on this portrait, and would probably think it was just a flattering angle.


Portrait with smoothed skin

This is a nice atmospheric portrait, so we just wanted to smooth the subject’s skin a little and tweak her proportions.


Portrait with a slightly younger look

With this more mature subject we’ve tried to make her appear on the portrait younger – but not too much!


Portrait made a little more handsome

We like the detail on the original image and wanted to try and keep as much natural looking skin texture as possible while reducing some of the shine and uneven color on this portrait. We also wanted to see if we could make him like look like a more handsome version of himself using the shape controls.


Portrait with a very spotty, bumpy skin

This subject has very spotty, bumpy skin and a puckish, childish profile. So we enhanced his portrait.


Portrait with a little bit big nose

The biggest thing you notice about the original picture is that the man’s nose looks a little too big for his face. Some of portrait enhancement made magic again!


Slight portrait enhancement

This is a handsome man who needed very little enhancement.


Portrait made to look a bit younger

This is a well shot image of a handsome older man. We didn’t want to do too much, just make him look a little younger on his portrait, nothing more.


Portrait with a little comical expression

We wanted to tame down the rather comical expression and make this man look more attractive whilst still being recognisable on his portrait!


Portrait made professionlly

A well lit professional photo but the subject looks rather grumpy and unapproachable! Some of portrait enhancements helped a lot to look more attractive.


Portrait with some jaw, head and nose enhancements

The shape of the man’s head is a little peculiar. We increased the jaw size a little, decreased the width of the top of his head and reduced the width of his nose.