Self portraits – Take selfies with a twist

Try a pinhole camera for a new angle

Like them or loathe them, selfies are hugely popular, with even Barack Obama getting in on the act. (It’s surely only a matter of time before the Queen shares hers.) Although it’s easy to get irritated by yet another group of teenagers gurning at a smartphone, photographers have been taking selfportraits since the early days of cameras.

A lot of selfie accessories are available, too, like those faintly ludicrous selfie sticks. Ignas Kutavicius has gone for a different approach. He’s come up with a device that enables pinhole-camera selfies by strapping the camera to the selfie-taker’s head. This conveniently gets around the problem of the subject having to look at a pinhole camera for prolonged periods to get any kind of usable shot.

“By mixing modern culture with the oldest photographic technology – a type of camera obscura,” he says, “the result is what selfies could have looked like right at the beginning of photographic history.”

Get started today…

  • It’s easy to suddenly forget the ‘rules’ when taking selfies. Whether you use a smartphone on its own, a selfie stick or a device like Ignas’s, try to take the shot in good light, against a non-distracting background.
  • Focus on your eyes and consider filling the frame. Positioning your head over to one side can create a more striking look. You don’t even have big file sizes to worry about, so don’t be afraid to experiment.