The Big Resolution Jump

I have owned a DSLR since 2006, and now, for the first time, I am switching from a 6MP DSLR to a 36MP one. Considering this massive jump in resolution, what would I need to take care of, to get the best out of the new camera? - Kirken Songh

It is a big jump, not just in terms of resolution, but also in terms of imaging technology. You should train yourself adequately by reading every page of the manual. Cameras and the possibilities they offer, both in terms of features as well as customisation, have come a long way.

To enjoy the resolution advantage, good optics are a must. Every single flaw of the lens is magnified when you use it on a 36MP sensor. When making an investment in new lenses, primes are a good idea. If you value convenience, you ought to put in more money and buy the expensive professional zooms.

Also, you may need to revisit your shooting technique. Study each lens to find its optimum aperture, and try to use something close to it, whenever possible. Also, the minimum shutterspeed needed to get a sharp picture may not be 1/focal length, but one stop faster. A tripod would be ideal. Shoot RAW and invest in a fast computer that can handle so much data.