Tips for natural beauty shooting

Hair lights

To stop your subject blending into the background and getting lost in an image, introduce a hair light to light the back of their head and create contrast. Having the hair light at a high 45-degree position behind and to one side is good. Use an off-camera flash with a remote trigger, or go even more basic and just use a torch if you have to!


For a more dramatic effect, place the light behind the subject so that their head blocks the view of the light into the camera. Keep the power up so it gives a bright highlight around their head. Colour gels on the light can even add a rockstar feel.

Reflector magic

One of the cheapest, simplest and most versatile tools for the photographer is a reflector. You can buy 5-in-1 reflectors for less than $50 online. Their main use is to direct light towards your subject, but you can also use them to shade the subject from harsh light.

natural beauty shooting

Talk it up

Always communicate with your models. They need to feel part of the process. Even if you’re testing for exposure or need to do adjustments, tell them that. I hate having those weird silent moments during a shoot; lose your connection with your model and it becomes even harder to get the look you’re after.