Top tips for exposure blending

Use Aperture Priority mode. It’s vital that the aperture stays consistent, which makes Aperture Priority mode vital. This enables you to dial in the desired f/number, while the camera sorts out the shutter speed.

Focus. As much as it’s important that the aperture stays constant, it’s equally vital that the focus point stays put. Once you’ve focused up correctly, switch over to Manual focus (MF) to prevent the camera from refocusing.

No cable, no problem! Reduce the chance of vibrations ruining your shots when shooting with a slow shutter speed by setting the camera to its shortest self-timer setting.

Work fast. To make a series of images with consistent composition, you have to take your shots in quick succession to avoid any light changes.

Shoot RAW. A RAW file is able to retain a greater amount of data than a JPEG, granting greater control in post-production.