Turn day into night

  1. Set the flash Adjust the power output of the flash in Manual mode and its distance from your subject until you’re happy with the it. A good formula to use is the Guide Number divided by the distance to equal your f-stop.
  2. Change your settings Ensure your camera is set to Manual Exposure mode and use the shutter speed to control how the ambient light is exposed. Start with your shutter at the camera’s maximum sync speed, which is usually around 1/200sec.
  3. Adjust the ambient You can easily make the ambient light appear brighter, without needing to adjust the flash at all by simply lengthening the exposure time.
  4. Balance the light If you want the ambient light darker, you’ll need to use a narrower aperture and increase the flash power. If you changed the aperture from f8 to f16, your flash power needs to increase by two stops.